Toco Toucan Chicks

This drawing is a bit of an experiment. It’s the first time this year that I drew unfeathered chicks (rather than a juvenile or adult). It’s also the first time that I drew more than one bird in a composition.  It seems like I’ve been drawing “portraits” of individual birds.

I was drawn to this image because the chicks form such a nice little celtic knot of naked bird-y pinkness. I love the way their necks are intertwined over one another in their sleep. Also, the outline is an almost perfect triangle (which, according to my art history learning, is the most stable of all compositions).

It also tickles me that these guys are toco toucans, the same bird as that obnoxious Toucan Sam in all the Froot Loops commercials. And yes, it is spelled “froot,” lest anyone get the notion that there is actual FRUIT contained in those tiny sugar bombs. So I’m very happy that these toco toucans look absolutely nothing like the Kellogs spokesbird. yay.

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