Claire and Maganda in Bali 2012I am a non-profit admin and webmaster, sneaking in arts & writing in my precious spare time. This is the site where I’m putting all those lovely creative efforts.

I have two main categories on-line right now:

  • The Bird Project: At the start of 2010, I realized that I was painfully out of practice in making art, and aching to get back to it. My tip-off? I tried to draw a crow that looked like a penguin. So I resolved to draw a bird every single day for a year. I mostly succeeded. Sometimes I skipped a day and drew two the next day. Sometimes I skipped more days and drew more on a weekend. And then, sometime in mid-December, I got buried under the holiday stress and the impending excitement of imminent baby arrival (due in January 2011). So I gave up the project early. Now, I’m fulfilling the second part of the Bird Project and actually sharing it on-line. (All birds are available for sale, unless otherwise marked – $45 unframed, $55 framed)
  • Nanay Texts: My mother (Nanay – Filipino word for mother), is a lively, exuberant woman, with a real flair for language. And for drama. Her texts read like haiku poetry. I started documenting and reacting to them.

I’m also working on drawings for a children’s book and writing articles. I hope to share those soon, as well.


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