Juvenile Ruby Throated Hummingbird

So, I was saying that color scares me. And this is the perfect example. I chose to draw a hummingbird – a RUBY-THROATED, no less. And what do I do? I chose a close up of a juvenile’s head. A juvenile who is too young to have developed that famous ruby throat. He is still a hum drum grey, with only a few tiny flashes of yellow-green to show off. But oh, those tiny flashes took me forever! I agonized on how to get that shiny shiny glow of those eight little feathers. Unfortunately, the scan doesn’t quite capture how successful this effort turned out. You’ll just have to come visit me (or my show, if these ever get shown anywhere?)

One thing that tickles me about this drawing: I did such a super close up on the hummingbird, that the drawing of just his head is far larger than the actual bird! I see these in my front yard all the time, and they are so tiny and quick. Zooom!

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