Black Woodpecker

Black woodpecker on a pink tree. hrm.

I must confess, I suck at backgrounds. It’s not that I can’t do them. I just don’t. I lose interest. I don’t care. It can’t hold my attention once the star is in place. Using old drawings as a base for this project solves that problem for the most part. But when you’re drawing a bird on a tree, it is really hard to get around that whole “tree” thing. I just gave up and let it be pink.

oh well. He’s a bird in a land made of candy. mmmm…. candy….

One thought on “Black Woodpecker

  1. Actually it makes sense that his setting is pink. That's what makes his headfeathers red, right? From the pink bark… sorta like, umm… the way flamingoes are pink from the shrimp they eat…

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