Black-necked Aracari

This is a type of toucan with a black and white beak.

I didn’t want to draw the side view of the toco toucan because that bird is so well known – I mean, the toco is the Fruit Loops bird. It is a bizarre looking bird, and it would be hard to draw without reverting to just drawing a cartoon (and singing the stupid jingle. Yes, TV has me that well trained. Argh). That’s why I chose this toucan relative instead. I have no preconceived notions about Aracaris.

And I like the inquisitive look on this guy’s face.

3 thoughts on “Black-necked Aracari

  1. are Aracaris and toco toucans from the same part of the world? I like how life like the eyes are, esp considering it's a b&W pic. The love for his (her?) expression really shows. BTW I saw some binders in a classroom exactly like the binders you are using for your bird pics, and it made me smile and think of you.

  2. I think most toucans (and toucan relatives) are from South America. That continent has crazy birds, and someday I must travel there with a very nice camera.

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