King Vulture


The wattle on this bird was fascinating and puzzling. By the time I figured it out enough to render it, I had no energy left for the neck feathers. But their rushed quality actually works for me. It didn’t become too stiff or precious, as sometimes happens.

Great Egret



For anyone who has been keeping track, it should be fairly obvious by now that I love these birds This makes my fourth one, my April Egret. At this point, I realized that I had drawn this bird once each month during the project. I resolved to break out of that pattern and be a little more adventurous from here on out. But just in case you were curious, here they are: January, February, and March.

Snowy Owl Chick


Of the whole year of birds, this is definitely one of my favorites. And it has been hard to choose favorites. But with this bird, I was able to capture such a intensity of expression and texture, that the end result surprised me.  I love to be surprised by art, especially my own,

This is one of the few birds that I probably won’t sell, but will keep.

Red Winged Blackbird


Another great little Bay Area bird. These lively little birds frequent the park at the Berkeley Marina, where we go to walk the dog off-leash. They startle and fly from tree to tree. I love watching them.

I also think the Beatles song “Blackbird” is one of the loveliest songs ever written. It makes a very effective lullaby.

Guianan Toucanet



According to the little web research I’ve done, a toucanet is also a toucan, but it’s a type of subspecies that is smaller in size. This guy struck me with his charming smile and bright beak. Plus, I got to break out the brush tip pen on his beak and black head feathers.