Emperor Penguin

2010.5.10 Emperor Penguin and chick

I was shying away from drawing a penguin because they are just too damned cute. It’s impossible not to draw a cute penguin. And I am leery of getting to cutesy.

But by this time, the baby vibes were really getting to my pregnant head. We had just crossed over Mother’s Day, and I was secretly smiling to myself that I was a mommy-to-be (but not telling anyone). So I drew this mommy & baby adorableness the day after Mother’s Day as an homage to mother’s love.

I know, it’s “aw” inducing, isn’t it?


2010.5.9 Shoebill

I love this bird. He has the craziest big ass bill. I drew another one in January. When I found this one, I felt like I had hit the freaky-looking bird jackpot.

Great White Pelican

2010.5.6 Great White Pelican

I used to work a few blocks from the Oakland Library, the main branch. I would often spend lunches browsing for new reads, music, or inspiration. They have gorgeous books in the reference library. I brought my colored pencils and created this beautiful bird on a particularly happy lunch break.

Fischer’s Turaco


The color on this bird was so hard to capture. They are shimmery, metallic, like jewels. They are in fact so pretty that they are hunted for their feathers and so are in danger of being over-hunted. This little guy has a spunky mohawk and an attitude.

Stork Outline


Around this time, I hadn’t told anyone that I was pregnant, but it was a prominent thought in my mind. A co-worker took off for maternity leave, and we sent her off with a lovely baby shower. I drew this image for the email invite. I’m proud of it. It’s simple yet elegant, effectively communicated the baby message without being too cheesy. It inspired me to create an image for the invites my friends later used for my shower.

Barn Owl


I also love owls. They have such personality. Sadly, this is not one of my best owls in this series. But he’s still an attractive fellow. I love that he’s sitting on a bone, too.

American Goldfinch


At this point in the year of birds, we were three months into trying to have a baby, and now I was definitely one month pregnant. Just pregnant enough to be slightly miserable, but not pregnant enough to tell anyone. So the baby bird drawings, while infrequent, now start in earnest. I love this one. The urgency of their squawking little faces, the vivid colors of their naked necks… it was fun to draw.