Blue-crowned Motmot

This bird has a beautifully colored head. But I should really do a full figure drawing of this one. Check out its neat tail on wikipedia.

I recently visited the library and checked out the gigantic book Birds of the World by Lee Beletsky. Most of the huge encyclopedic books with full color pictures are secured in the reference section, so I can’t take them home and draw birds from them. Sad. But Birds of the World was amazingly available. It’s full of full color illustrations. While I’m not about to draw a copy of another artist’s drawing, I am getting lots of great ideas for birds to look up on-line.

And I have renewed respect for natural science illustrators. Who knew that there were so many different types of albatrosses? And each one has only the tiniest difference. It’s amazing the details these artists and scientists can observe and classify.

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