No puede cortar

Wow! Must be a big home! Hire a Central American, arrange an amount to clean the weeds. Be sure to instruct ‘NO PUEDE CORTAR’ if you want to preserve plants. God day.

I texted Nanay to tell her that we bought a house in July and finished moving in. The much-neglected yard held many surprises: multi-colored roses, calla lilies, plum trees, and even a little guava tree. Here, she’s responding to my inquiry about how to tend to these over-grown plants and weeds. I know that texts force you to simplify language, but I’m still a little surprised by the subtle tinge of racism in this message.

On another note: Nanay has always loved gardening, and roses are her clear favorite. In fact, she’s pretty much obsessed with them. She’ll save little scraps of paper, product packaging, cloth scraps, and old magazines, just because there’s a rose on it!

Texted Tuesday, September 4, 2007 5:35 p.m.

08 flowers from the garden
bouquet of flowers from our overgrown garden

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