Fischer’s Turaco


The color on this bird was so hard to capture. They are shimmery, metallic, like jewels. They are in fact so pretty that they are hunted for their feathers and so are in danger of being over-hunted. This little guy has a spunky mohawk and an attitude.

Semipalmated Plover



Vocabulary word: semipalmated means that he has partially webbed toes. This apparently is common for wading birds. So the very attribute that gives this bird such a funky name is nowhere to be seen in this image. Instead, you get a smirk and some shoulder action. But I like the swallow silhouette in the background.

Black Skimmer



I love drawing birds with distinctive beaks. These guys have a longer lower bill because they skim the surface of the water to eat. They can also dive and fish with the best of them, but the skimming is really where it’s at with these guys. He has ruffled feathers because he’s been sitting on a windy cliff-top.