2010.5.29 Razorbill

This little bird is flapping to say “hi” to you. He’s a cutie.

Fun fact: Razorbill Pengins only come ashore to breed, and they mate for life. Wet, dedicated little families.

Emperor Penguin

2010.5.10 Emperor Penguin and chick

I was shying away from drawing a penguin because they are just too damned cute. It’s impossible not to draw a cute penguin. And I am leery of getting to cutesy.

But by this time, the baby vibes were really getting to my pregnant head. We had just crossed over Mother’s Day, and I was secretly smiling to myself that I was a mommy-to-be (but not telling anyone). So I drew this mommy & baby adorableness the day after Mother’s Day as an homage to mother’s love.

I know, it’s “aw” inducing, isn’t it?