Collared Flycatcher

2010.7.19 Collared Flycatcher


Why, halfway through the year did I throw in a scientific name? I don’t know. So few of the other drawings have the scientific name because I didn’t want to get it wrong. I love science, but I’m no expert. I’m just an avid appreciator of experts. So yeah- there’s a random genus species for you. Hope it’s right.

Black Vulture

2010.7.18 Black Vulture


If the boat-billed heron¬†drawn on this same day reminded me of a Muppet, then this bird certainly reminds me of another Jim Henson creation: the Skeksis. I’m sure Mr. Henson was inspired by vultures in their design – few creatures are more revolting.

Oh man, I love Jim Henson and I love pretty much everything he did: but the Dark Crystal left a serious impression. I watched it when I was young enough to truly and unabashedly believe in magic, and the creatures on-screen moved me deeply. So the Skeksis (the bad guys) haunted me. I thought nothing could be creepier. My dad would drive me crazy by making their high squeaky moan/whine noise. And then he would giggle to himself when I clasped my hands over my ears and screamed for him to stop. Ah, the joys of torturing your kids.

The wrinkles and folds were fun to draw and a little infuriating. I kept getting lost and losing track – which wrinkle was I on? Does it bend left now, or wait – was I already to the fifth turn?

Boat Billed Heron

2010.7.18 Boat Billed HeronThis is such a bizarre-looking creature that I tried drawing him more than once. I drew him again a few days after this attempt (post soon to come). The second drawing worked better. Even though I swear this image is true to the photo, he looks impossibly-designed. Truly, a muppet-worthy creation.


Barn Owl

2010.7.16 Barn Owl


Yummy. The texture, the medium, the subject – I am deliciously satisfied with this one. Maybe I should do more drawings in charcoal and pastels?


2010.7.14 DodoI thought I’d draw the dodo because I remember it from Alice in Wonderland, and because it’s such a bizarre-looking bird. But this drawings suffers from a lack of source material. Every other drawing I did was from a photograph. Unfortunately, the dodo was wiped out before cameras were readily available. So doing a drawing from drawing was problematic, to say the least. I am not thrilled with the results.