Snowy Owl

2010.5.30 Snowy Owl

I guess I also love Snowy Owls. I drew one in February, and a chick in April. As an artist, owl faces are kind of confusing to me. They are oddly flat and yet so expressive. I think my searching to understand them is what makes these drawings some of the strongest in the series, regardless of medium.


2010.5.29 Razorbill

This little bird is flapping to say “hi” to you. He’s a cutie.

Fun fact: Razorbill Pengins only come ashore to breed, and they mate for life. Wet, dedicated little families.


2010.5.23 Flamingo


I hate this bird. This may officially be the ugliest, most rushed bird I drew the whole year.

We had gone out for dinner and a concert with friends, and we got home at 2am. I was hot, sweaty, and tired from dancing like a maniac. (Side note: one of the nice things about getting older is that I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore about what I look like on the dance floor. I’m not trying to impress anyone and I’ll likely never see most of these other people again, so I don’t care. I have been told that this inhibition makes me a better dancer than I have ever been. Oh, how I wish I could have learned this lesson sooner and enjoyed larger chunks of my youth.) But I wasn’t going to miss another day of my drawing project, dammit! So I drew this hurried atrocity before crawling under the covers. Ugh. He is horrible. I am sorry, little flamingo. You cannot compare to your brothers, not even the other rushed flamingo I drew in January.

Great Egret



Somewhere between graceful and awkward lies the Great Egret. I can’t get enough of these birds. I drew one in January and one in February, too. I just kept finding awesome pictures of them, so I just kept drawing them.

I see Egrets all the time at the seashore, especially when we’re walking our dog at Point Isabel or at the Emeryville shoreline. Most of the time, they just eye us warily but don’t bother to flap away.

Black Skimmer



I love drawing birds with distinctive beaks. These guys have a longer lower bill because they skim the surface of the water to eat. They can also dive and fish with the best of them, but the skimming is really where it’s at with these guys. He has ruffled feathers because he’s been sitting on a windy cliff-top.