Great Egret



For anyone who has been keeping track, it should be fairly obvious by now that I love these birds This makes my fourth one, my April Egret. At this point, I realized that I had drawn this bird once each month during the project. I resolved to break out of that pattern and be a little more adventurous from here on out. But just in case you were curious, here they are: January, February, and March.

Great Egret



Somewhere between graceful and awkward lies the Great Egret. I can’t get enough of these birds. I drew one in January and one in February, too. I just kept finding awesome pictures of them, so I just kept drawing them.

I see Egrets all the time at the seashore, especially when we’re walking our dog at Point Isabel or at the Emeryville shoreline. Most of the time, they just eye us warily but don’t bother to flap away.