Barn Owl

2010.7.16 Barn Owl


Yummy. The texture, the medium, the subject – I am deliciously satisfied with this one. Maybe I should do more drawings in charcoal and pastels?

Yellow Billed Magpie

2010.6.30 Yellow Billed Magpie


This looks like an inquisitive fellow. Since “Magpie” is an affectionate name I now use for my daughter, I may keep and frame this one for her room, along with another one made later in the year.

Great Horned Owl

2010.6.6 Great Horned Owl


Gorgeous. I like this one so much, I recently set it aside to frame for myself. So when all the others are sold off at art shows, this will be one of the few I save to enjoy at home. The rest can fly away free.

I think this one is successful because I knew when to stop fussing with it. I like how the chest feathers fade away into the space for the name, initials, and date.