Bald Eagle head only



I drew both bald eagles on the same day, penance for a skipped day.

Like the other one, I tried to choose a source photo that wasn’t a calm, composed bird sitting regally on a branch – nothing like the birds we see topping our flag-poles, or on our money. I wanted a bird with the kind of fire and rage that might have inspired the original bird-as-emblem-pickers to chose this one over the many other gorgeous birds in this nation. He’s coming to get you, so watch yourself!

Bald Eagle in flight


I had been avoiding drawing a bald eagle, because it is THE bird that symbolizes America, and I didn’t want it to look stiff. I wanted to draw a bird that looked like a bird, not an icon. So, when National Geographic did a spread on eagles, I found a few images that were really dramatic and had great movement. I love the upward sweep of the right wing, whip-like.

I did this bird and another bald eagle in the same night.