Barn Owl

2010.7.16 Barn Owl


Yummy. The texture, the medium, the subject – I am deliciously satisfied with this one. Maybe I should do more drawings in charcoal and pastels?


2010.7.14 DodoI thought I’d draw the dodo because I remember it from Alice in Wonderland, and because it’s such a bizarre-looking bird. But this drawings suffers from a lack of source material. Every other drawing I did was from a photograph. Unfortunately, the dodo was wiped out before cameras were readily available. So doing a drawing from drawing was problematic, to say the least. I am not thrilled with the results.



2010.6.29 Cuckoo


So much is made of the cuckoo’s habit of hiding eggs in other bird’s nests that I know very little about adult cuckoos. As it turns out, many species in the cuckoo family actually do raise their own young. So not all of them are “nest parasites.”