Great Cormorant

Pen and ink. His perch is a xerox of the bones of a human hand.

The original drawing (that I tore up to make these drawings) contained scans of the human hand, bird wings, and bat wings. At the time, I was fascinated by anatomy and the sheer brilliance of evolution and all its permutations.


Love this creature. So funny looking he belongs in a Dr. Suess book. I especially like the details I was able to get in the bill itself. My life goal might be to see this bird in real life. Eurasian zoos, here I come.

Northern Lapwing

Uck. I drew this bird on the plane ride back from Cancun, after an hour long delay that would make us miss our last BART train home… So I was distracted drawing this bird and it shows. His face is cute, but I got lost in the wing and back section. Ah well. They can’t all be beauty queens.