Blue-tailed Bee Eater

2010.6.14 Blue Tailed Bee EaterThis bird is so beautifully colored, and I love the expressiveness of his eyes and beak. But you have to wonder why I would choose to draw a bird with such a descriptive name, and NOT include the described body part. Funny, I think I did that with the other Bee Eater I drew. Yup, sure did.


American Avocet

2010.6.5 American Avocet

This guy looks like a snob, with his upturned beak. Between the upturned beak and the black and white feathers, I find myself anthropomorphizing him into a snooty waiter, like at an upscale French restaurant.

Baby Penguin in Blue Shoes

2010.6.2 Penguin in blue shoes

Ok, seriously. This is a cute frickin’ bird. How can you look at this bird and *not* squeal?! I found a baby penguin wearing little blue shoes. What?!

Ok, I know – at the beginning of the year, I said that I really didn’t want to draw baby birds or penguins because they were just too damned “cute.” And cute makes me squirm, because on some level I still don’t want to be mistaken for a girly-girl. Well, what can I say? I was pregnant when I drew this. There is nothing more lady-ish than procreation. It’s kind of what we’re built for. It brought out all my girl-ness. And now I can’t put it back. Bring on the cute.

Scarlet Ibis

2010.5.31 Scarlet Ibis

Although I chose a bird that I thought would be delightful to draw, this is not one of my best illustrations. It’s just stiff and flat. I stopped before became stiff and overworked, which can sometimes be a danger due to my perfectionist tendencies. Sometimes, you need to know when to walk away. Sorry, Mr. ibis.

White Fronted Bee Eater

2010.5.22 Whitefronted Bee Eater

Pretty jewel-colored little bird.

When trying to correct the scanner color input, I may have over-darkened it. The background should be white, not grey. But the scanner was fighting me on every effort. It kept stalling and crashing, and telling me that it was already working on something else when I wasn’t touching it… I swear, do scanners get PMS? Or maybe it’s haunted? Do scanners get haunted? Either way, I gave up.